quail eggs incubator
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Hatching using a quail egg incubator

  • Preparation of quail eggs and incubator:
    First, get a batch of quail fertilized eggs online or in a nearby farmhouse. The ones to be fertilized are not the ones to eat.
    If you buy them online, put the quail eggs upright after receiving the goods, and put them in the incubator with the big end up for about two hours.
quail egg incubator
quail egg incubator
  • Hatching quail eggs:
    The incubator is about 40 yuan cheaper online, and you can also put eggs or duck eggs in to hatch together.
    There is no need to turn the eggs three days before and three days after incubation. During this period, the eggs are turned over 3 times a day to ensure that the quail eggs are evenly heated. The incubation period of quail eggs is 17 days.
    After a week of incubation, the eggs can be taken. The ones with bloodshots are fertilized and can continue to incubate. The ones that are completely transparent and without bloodshots are infertile, and there is no need to continue hatching the kind.
    The temperature of the incubator is set at 38°, which can be kept at a constant temperature of 38°, or it can be cooled down by 0.2° every week, and it must exceed 39°, otherwise the quail eggs will burst. The temperature probe is placed on the incubator to detect whether the actual temperature is the same as the panel temperature. The purpose is to ensure the accurate value of the incubation temperature.
    The humidity is maintained at 60-70%. By the 14th day, you can use a water spray can to soften the eggshells to facilitate the quail out of the shell. Be careful not to spray excessively, and do not have water drops on the quail eggs.
quail egg incubator
quail egg incubator
  • Quail out of shell care:
    Quails begin to peck their shells around 17 days after hatching, and they will come out about 24 hours after they hatch. Do not rush to help peel them off during this period, and wait for the quails to come out by themselves.
    After the quails hatch, keep the brooding temperature of 38°, add a tungsten lamp and adjust the height according to the state of the quail. If the temperature is low, the quails will pile up and overlap each other. Lower the light appropriately; The temperature of the light source needs to be lowered, so just put the light higher.
    Feed the quails with water within 12 hours after they are out of their shells. When feeding the water, use a sponge or cloth to pad in the sink. The purpose is to prevent the quails from running into the water. The young quails are very afraid of cold and die in the water.
    After 12 hours, you can feed the chicken feed. Make small pellets. Don’t directly feed the corn and rice. The digestion of the young quail is not so perfect. It is easy to feed the chicken feed a few days ago, and then turn to the whole grain.
    Temperature control at 38°
    Humidity 60-70%
    Remember not to peel the shell, let the quail out by itself
    Don’t let the little quail soak in water, soak it to death
quail egg incubator
quail egg incubator