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1Ventilation mode: natural ventilation and power ventilation, mostly flat natural ventilation for small ones, and natural ventilation plus power ventilation for medium and large ones. Top blowing type, box wall type on both sides.

 flat natural ventilation egg incubator

power ventilation egg incubator

Top blowing type egg incubator

Side room blowing type egg incubator

Egg capacity: 88-50000 pieces.

Style: flat, flat layered, room, roadway.

Flat type egg incubator

 flat layered egg incubator

room type egg incubator

roadway type egg incubator

Heating method: electricity, coal. Coal and electricity, gas, biogas, solar energy, geothermal (hot spring), diesel and charcoal, etc.

Structure: box wall type, integral type, assembled type (combined type).

Machine type: incubator, hatcher, incubator and hatcher, side hatching.

Computer control system: digital display, pointer type.