2112 egg chicken egg incubator

Artical No.:EI-2112



Machine size:134*87*168cm


Capacity:Chicken egg:2112pcs

Duck egg:1512pcs

Goose egg:768pcs

Pigeon egg:2688pcs

Quail egg:7950pcs


1. A utility model with high economic benefits.
2. Not afraid of power failure: automatic control with electricity, battery temperature control without electricity, normal incubation by heating with stove fire
3. Safe and reliable
4. Egg incubator can hatch from the top and hatch from the bottom, and it can be formed in a serious manner. It has multiple functions. Flatten the egg rack when hatching, stop turning the eggs and replace the hatcher frame
5. Two sets of control systems and accessories can be easily plugged and replaced, and failures can be dealt with in time
6. Power saving: 50% power saving than the original incubator, suitable for home users, saving investment amount and making more profits.
7. Automatic ventilation, close to natural incubation


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