3168 chicken egg incubator,Best incubator for chicken eggs

Artical No.:EI-3168



Machine size:179*91*170cm


Capacity:Chicken egg:3168pcs

Duck egg:2268pcs

Goose egg:1152pcs

Pigeon egg:4320pcs

Quail egg:7956pcs


  1. Best incubator for chicken eggs,3168 microcomputer automatic chicken egg incubator.
  2. Automatic all-in-one machine for hatching and hatching, which can hatch and hatch in batches.
  3. Reliable and accurate temperature and humidity control, temperature and humidity sensor.
  4. Scientific circulating ventilation system.
  5. Stable and reliable automatic egg turning mechanism. Automatic temperature and humidity control
  6. Appearance: high-strength color steel plate
  7. Firewood or coal can be used for heating alone (in the event of a power failure, the controller of the incubator can be powered by the battery of an electric vehicle, saving 70% of incubation costs), or it can be used for heating separately.


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