Diesel Heater 220v Hand-take 20kw

Art.No. DH20A-16F

Voltage::220v 50hz


Product size:77.5*42*54cm

Product weight:17kg

Teperature setting:5-55℃


Diesel Consumption:1.7L/h

Package Size:83*42*47.5cm

Gross Weight:19kg


The diesel heater is all-copper motor, the coils are all manually tied, and the whole Diesel Heater is fully enclosed to prevent oil and dust from entering and affecting the service life.
This has low working noise and has its own leakage protection, making it safe to use.
Pure aluminum shell, fast heat dissipation, surface insulation, safer.
It is equipped with a special overheating protection device, which automatically cuts off the power when overheated, making it safer to use.
It is equipped with a thermal insulation layer and can be used in an environment of -35°C.
Run-flat tires, don’t worry about flat tires.
It heats up quickly, and the temperature can be significantly increased within 5 minutes. ,
Dual display computer version, one-key constant temperature control, more precise.
The 20cm diameter reaches the burning barrel, which is fixed by rivets, making it stronger.
8mm thick steel mailbox, visual oil meter, durable.


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