Animal syringe A-1(1ml/2ml/5ml)

Art No. PSA-1/1  1ml

PSA-1/2  2ml

PSA-1/5  5ml

Usage: Pig, Cow, Sheep

Material: ABS$Copper


Gross Weight:13KG/carton

Package Size:50cm*44cm*54cm



how to use Animal syringe

1 Fill the sink and bathtub with soapy water
2 Unscrew the knob, separate the syringe and the handle, and soak them in warm water.
3 soak for 5-6 minutes
4 Take out the syringe and handle, reassemble, and restore the original shape
5The syringe inlet is immersed in water, and the water is pumped and rinsed several times
6 Pour out the soapy water in the sink or bathtub, wash it, and refill it with clean water.
7 Immerse the liquid inlet of the syringe in water, and repeatedly pump water to rinse the residue until it is clean and dry, and then reuse.


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