Top Exhaust Fan of Commercial egg incubator / egg incubator accessories

suitable for commercial incubator capacity from 88 to 8448

fan size:23.2*23.2cm

usually used on top of commercial incubaor



egg incubator accessories Importance:

During the development of embryos,air exchange is necessary.

Especially from the 19th day of incubation , even 12 hours earlier in summer.

The embryos begin to breathe and need more oxygen .

Also  the CO2 gradually increase.

At this time, if the ventilation is poor, it will cause severe hypoxia in the incubator.

What is more ,the breathing rate of the chicks out of the shell is up to 2-3 times,

the request of  oxygen cannot be met.

As a result, the intermediate process of cell metabolism is inhibited and acidic substances.


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