Woven Bag Sealing Machine

sewing thickness:1-5m



How to repair and maintain the woven bag sealing machine?
When sewing woven bags with thicker and tighter texture, a little sewing machine oil can be added, to the seam to avoid the problem of breaking needles and Jumping wire.
The hand wheel which is  on the woven bag sealing machine, should be rotated in a clockwise direction, and do not hit the machine with hard objects or gravity.
Sewing machine oil should be injected between the operating parts, the number of refueling times is less than three working shifts, and the machine should be placed in a dry and ventilated place when not in use.
Newly purchased or unused machines for several days should be lubricated with sewing machine oil before sewing and run idling for half a minute, and use them after all the machine oil has penetrated into the machine parts.
The woven bag sealing machine should be cleaned and wiped after each shift, especially the fluff and dust left over from the crochet and feeding parts, which must be cleaned frequently.


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